2018 Registration Form

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2018 Registration Form

Registration form for players

Medical Disclaimer

It is not the responsibility nor the intentions of the club, coach, or club organizers to administer any medical drugs or prescriptions (including ibuprofen, and acetominophen) as it pertains to your child for the important reason that the club personnel are not medically qualified for such actions. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the parents/legal guardians and the athletes themselves to ensure that they are taking the appropriate amounts and types of medical drugs or prescriptions (should it be applicable and required of the athlete by his/her family doctor) which will allow for safe participation during club events.

Please note that the club coaches are at most trained in basic first aid and basic first aid will be the only intervention performed by the coach should an accident/emergency occur involving an athlete. All accidents/emergencies requiring assistance beyond basic first aid will be taken care of by qualified medical personnel and emergency response teams as contacted by club organizers. In cases requiring assistance beyond basic first aid, the parent/legal guardian of the athlete will be contacted immediately.

Club Handout Package

Club Handout Package

Club Policies and Expectations

1. It is expected of the athletes to attend all practices, games, tournaments and team related events (i.e. fundraising activities) to the best of their abilities as requested by club organizers. Please be aware that there will be club related events that will occur out of town (i.e. VancouverIsland, Fraser Valley, Okanagan, Calgary, Seattle) in accordance to the Volleyball BC youth club schedule. Attendance at such club related events are highly recommended.

2. The athletes must provide for themselves the financial requirements requested by the club coaches to cover for the cost of uniforms, tournaments, registration, and equipment. Please note the club organizers will pursue all means possible in an attempt to limit the cost of play for each athlete to the best of their abilities (i.e. fundraising activities, provide and allocate gym and practice locations, provide equipment).

3. The athletes are asked to respect the club coaches, club organizers, teammates, and all participants of the club volleyball league including officials, tournament organizers, and opposing athletes from other teams with the utmost sincerity.

4. The athletes are requested to arrive at all club functions punctually and in full athletic strip.

5. Athletes are not allowed to consume any illegal substances including and not limited to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, or to participate in illegal or dangerous actions when participating in club related activities. In the event that such an infraction occurs, the athlete(s) in question will be removed immediately from the team with no refund provided.

6. Athletes are not able to participate with any other club teams from Volleyball BC while being registered under the Apex Volleyball Club, unless otherwise consented by the head coach and club coordinators. Infractions will result in expulsion from the team and club with no refund.

7. If for any reason an athlete is no longer able to participate for the club during the course of the season, including and not limited to personal reasons or injury, the athlete will not be refunded athletic expenses in accordance to the Athletic Agreement section under the Parental Consent and Athlete Waiver Form.

(Please note: amendments will be made concerning refunds due to injury on a case by case basis at the discretion of the coach and club coordinators in consultation with the athlete and his/her parent(s)/legal guardians)

An athlete is officially registered for the club team when the Policies and Expectations are accepted by the parent(s)/guardian(s) and the Club Fees are submitted to the head coach.

Volleyball BC Waiver

Waiver & Indemnification: Upon acceptance as a member of Volleyball BC (VBC) I agree to abide by the rules and procedures of VBC as approved through the By-Laws, Rules and Regulations of VBC. As a member of VBC I shall uphold the high standards of VBC and shall never do anything to damage the reputation of VBC. I understand and agree that VBC and/or any of its officials, affiliates or sponsors are not responsible for any injury, damage or loss resulting from any accident from known or unknown conditions howsoever caused. I also understand and agree that any violation of this contract may result in the immediate termination of my membership.

Photo Release Waiver

The Apex Volleyball Club will be taking pictures and/or videos during the course of the upcoming volleyball season. By signing, you are allowing the Apex Volleyball Club to publish photos and/or videos to help promote the club on and not limited to the club website, brochures, flyers, handouts, and social media accounts (such as, but not limited to: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). Pictures and videos taken will only be used with the consent of the Athlete and Parent(s)/Legal Guardian.

Final Signatures

By entering my name below I have agreed to all terms and conditions stated above and understand that I am presenting Apex Volleyball Club with necessary information for the above athlete to participate in any club sanctioned events.

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